Blantyre International University Examination Timetable 2021

Blantyre International University Examination Timetable 2021 – 2022

Blantyre International University Examination Timetable 2021 – Check Below:

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External Examiners:

2.1An External Examiner is a duly qualified person who is not engaged in teaching at the Blantyre International University.

2.2Senate appoints External Examiners for all Diplomas and Degrees on the recommendation of the Academic Courses Committee each year.

2.3External Examiners are appointed annually and do not normally act for more than three consecutive years.

2.4Former members of staff are normally appointed as external examiners until at least three years have elapsed since leaving this University’s appointment.

2.5Details of the duties of External Examiners are those discussed and arranged between the examiner and the relevant subject head, subject to any rules or guidance as may be laid down from time to time by the Senate.

2.6Each external examiner submits a short written report to the Vice Chancellor on completion of his/her examining in which he/she comments on the general standard of the examination and on the performance of the candidates.

Examination Timetable

3.1The Vice-Chancellor or his appointee is responsible for drawing up the timetable.

3.2Examination timetables are published not later than four weeks prior to the commencement of the final examination.


4.1Each member of academic staff is informed that one of his/her duties is to undertake invigilation. The Vice-Chancellor or his appointee is responsible for drawing up a list of invigilators for each examination.

5.0Examination Numbers

5.1All students who enter for an examination complete an entry form obtained from the Vice- Chancellor’s office or his appointee.

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